I’m Stuart, I’m a London-based graphic designer, typographer, and artworker. Welcome to my blog; this is the space where I share my photographs, a weekly picture quiz with friends, along with other things I’ve found in the world and on the web.

If you have time please explore my online portfolio and learn more about me.


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Picture quiz

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> 13 April 2021 – pandemic 2 picture quiz questions [pdf 5.8Mb] and answers [pdf 9.2Mb].

Archive pdfs of previous picture quizzes
> 6 April 2021 – the noughties picture quiz questions [pdf 5Mb] and answers [pdf 7.9Mb].
> 30 March 2021 – Easter picture quiz questions [pdf 7.1Mb] and answers [pdf 13.9Mb].
> 23 March 2021 – our world picture quiz questions [pdf 6.5Mb] and answers [pdf 19Mb].
> 16 March 2021 – children’s books picture quiz questions [pdf 9.2Mb], a ‘Where’s Wally?’ jpeg and answers [pdf 16.3Mb].
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