Picture quiz

25 January 2022 – Burns’ night picture quiz questions [pdf 8Mb] and answers [pdf 19.1Mb].

Previous ‘post-lockdown but not post-Covid’ quizzes
18 January 2022 – favourite films of 2021 picture quiz questions [pdf 4.6Mb] and answers [pdf 8.5Mb].
11 January 2022 – 2022 January picture quiz questions [pdf 5.8Mb] and answers [pdf 11.4Mb].
21 December 2021 – 2021 music downloads picture quiz questions [pdf 9.3Mb] and answers [pdf 19.1Mb].

Picture quiz

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> Re-run: 1 September 2020 – 1970s LP album covers picture quiz questions [pdf 2Mb] and answers [pdf 13.9Mb].

Archive pdfs of previous picture quizzes
> 11 May 2021 – happy birthday picture quiz questions [pdf 5.8Mb] and answers [pdf 11.8Mb].
> 4 May 2021 – the teenies picture quiz questions [pdf 5.7Mb] and answers [pdf 8.4Mb].
> 27 April 2021 – horror films 3 picture quiz questions [pdf 10.1Mb] and answers [pdf 17Mb].
> 20 April 2021 – booze picture quiz questions [pdf 6.1Mb] and answers [pdf 11.9Mb].
> 13 April 2021 – pandemic 2 picture quiz questions [pdf 5.8Mb] and answers [pdf 9.2Mb].
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