Astonishing Apollo

Apollo 15
NASA has released a quite enormous number of high resolution images from the Apollo program into the public domain with the promise of more to come. The Project Apollo Archive, this picture of David Scott and James Irwin from the Apollo 15 mission, all images are labeled with each film roll number from their Hasselblads and 35mm cameras.


Wow! Network at the Royal National Theatre – what an incredible night / event / experience / play / performance / live cinema / multi-visual set / meal / cocktails. Thank you Missus.

Photos were taken before the action, treading the boards, but we were at the bar on stage the whole night. The play went on all around us, performers – including the star Bryan Cranston – often just a few feet away. Play, food, everything, based on the ’70s but given a contemporary twist and all quite extraordinary. The run ends soon, Foodwork restaurant fully-booked I think, but do go see it if you can. And here’s what the Guardian food critic had to say (spoiler alert).

End of an era

We have been regular participants at the Clock House pub quiz on Tuesdays, but alas, it is to be no more. A change in management combined with a new marketing plan has no room for us quizzers from October. Thank you Simon for being our QM for the majority of weeks these last few years. A selection of photos (mainly taken by Simon) of the Question One Quiz include our recent victories. We will be seeking a quiz elsewhere, do you know a good one in the SE22 area?