Dotmailer’s simple drag and drop email campaign creation tools are phenomenally successful, marketers can use them to create emails without having to code. Expert users benefit also from campaign tools which automate the building of emails and create posts for social media, then monitor and analyse data in order to nurture leads. Dotmailer marketing software products are popular because they have been built by marketers for marketers.

I worked with the Marketing Director and writers, within the Dotmailer marketing team, on information packs for customers who use the software – designing their publications (online and offline), case studies and web graphics.

The business is entirely Microsoft Windows based, a flexible office space with lots of hot desks. I could work with the usual Adobe Creative Suite programs but on a high spec PC, normally I use Apple Macs.

I worked on their literature systems designing an email/social media strategy guide; a new style and covers for case studies which included my design of a few new examples; and I laid out a lengthier, more detailed e-book explaining automated email systems for which I designed infographics, graphs and charts.

During a month of work based at their premises I also designed graphics for senior managers’ PowerPoint presentations and created animated gif web banners announcing Dotmailer’s ‘platinum’ partnership with Magento to the world.

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