Greenwich Home Safety

400x281px_greenwichI work with health charities designing information campaigns, publicity and marketing materials to support fundraising. Greenwich Council home and road safety department have often lead the nation, with ambitious and far reaching campaigns. Once they equipped a council van with an enormous inflatable pink elephant to be moved around outside pubs after closing time, to discourage those leaving from drink/driving. I didn’t design that one but I worked on a number of health and safety projects for the borough, here shown are a motorcycle training information pack and posters and speeding control reminders.

Hot stuff hurtsMy ‘Take care with hot liquids’ campaign was designed to remind parents to keep dangerous appliances and substances out of the reach of tiny hands. The ‘Hot stuff hurts’ home/warning symbol highlights flexes, that handles from boiling saucepans should point away, keep your hot oven doors shut etc. I designed and commissioned Sam Short to draw up final illustrations very much in the traditional ‘home safety’ style. Items I designed for the campaign included posters, leaflets, swing tags and a heat sensitive mug – my home/warning symbol appearing only as hot drinks are poured in. The swing tags can be used as give-aways or attached to appliances at the places where they are sold.


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