Peckham Heritage

I was invited to tender for the design and build of a WordPress website for the Peckham Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI), its associated steering group the Peckham Heritage Regeneration Partnership and with contributions from other Peckham Heritage, Restoration or Regeneration organisations. My client is the Project Manager, an employee appointed by Southwark Council who finance the work alongside the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project uses money to ‘seed corn’ regeneration in the area, picking key buildings of architectural interest which have been neglected, or have been modified in unsympathetic ways. As the scheme progresses retail buildings in the High Street and Rye Lane are protected and will be refurbished, empty upper floors will be brought back into use as residences and offices. The selected Peckham Townscape Heritage Initiative projects tie-in with other conservation schemes in the area, notably work that is continuing on the restoration of Peckham Rye station and the square/forecourt in front of it, and other clusters of protected buildings from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

I created the Peckham Heritage website, arranged hosting and secured their domain, designed a typographic system for ‘Peckham Heritage’ group visual identities, explored possible WordPress templates to use then built the website based on Responsive 2 templates which I customised.

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I then wrote and presented an introduction to WordPress which I used as the basis for WordPress training, hosting a workshop with five people from Southwark Council, with independent Architects who work on buildings in Peckham and with other organisations involved with the regeneration. These representatives will take control and will be creating new content for the website.

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