300x274px_selfolk_logosFor the South East London folk collective, SELfolk, I ‘hand-crafted’ new logotypes representing the orchestra, choirs, dancers and all kinds of other folk activities they encompass. I based their identities on the idea of different types coming together in different ways in order to produce coherent ‘whole’ units.

I designed, created and built the SELfolk website working with Richard Jones, leader of the orchestra. From the start we agreed the website design had to be suitable for viewing on computer, tablet or smart phone but particularly good on the iPad, a popular tool for musicians.

The website should attract musicians and dancers to join, should promote the work of the collective, inform locals interested in ‘folk-related’ activities and provide resources for musicians, singers and dancers.

The site was designed to sit within a tight and consistent frame with a strong grid structure; all text information is kept short and to the point; folk engraving illustrations on the website are all traditional, by Thomas Bewick or similar.

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