490x260px_Surfina_logo_blueSurfina is the UK distributor and applicator of Italian surface finishes including Venetian style plaster, resin and liquid metal. Having selected what they consider to be the best materials from each of these areas they offer a comprehensive solution to any architectural surface covering problem.

Surfina required a visual identity, brochure and stationery to launch onto the UK market, its target audience being architects, interior designers and other building professionals.

Surfina finishes are all about surface, colour and texture – poured resin can be clear or coloured, stucco can be a combination of colours and flat or textured, liquid metal takes on all the qualities of solid metals and alloys, it can be sealed or allowed to weather/tarnish just as solid metals would.

The products require some skill to apply to surface areas and Surfina prides itself on being an expert partner, offering technical advice and training courses in the UK and Italy.

Because of the wide range of colours, treatments and finishes the company provides I chose not to fix on one colour or symbol. I designed an identity based on the name using an elegant sans serif with many of the ‘thick/thin’ qualities of a serif font. I carefully crafted and balanced the letterforms of the logotype which can appear flat, reflecting or raised above the surface of the page or screen.

Business cards are backed by photographs of finished rooms and all publicity items use logos in one of many colour alternatives. The brochure explains in simple English each of the qualities of Surfina products illustrated with pictures of rooms and interior spaces to excite and inspire creative thinking. Technical literature for each paint product explains clearly and simply where the product is best used, how to prepare surfaces, expected coverage and directions for use.

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400x286px_SV_postcardsStucco Veneziano is Surfina’s online shop. A recent acquisition it has its own identity and distinctive look, it sells all of Surfina’s products. I have been working on its publicity.

Other projects in the pipeline include stationery for Stucco Veneziano and a new range of Surfina own brand paints.

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